The Brillig Difference

How is Brillig Systems different from a staffing company?

Your average staffing company fills positions from a pool of likely candidates.  As a client you describe the position requirements to the staffing company and you receive a set of résumés to qualify and make a selection. The success or failure of the candidate really rests with you – the client – since you selected the candidate.  If the person you selected is not successful, the staffing company will simply provide you with more résumés from which to choose.

When Brillig Systems is engaged on a project we work with you to understand the requirements of the project and the technologies and industry constraints involved.  The assigned Brillig Systems project manager is selected by us to match the project’s unique requirements.  Brillig Systems continues to work with our project manager over the life cycle of the project to assure the success of our project manager and of your project.

How is the Brillig Systems Project Manager different from the one supplied by the Systems Integrator or Automation System vendor?

The systems integrator or automation system vendor will assign a ‘project manager’ to a project.  Their project manager will manage their resources, make decisions that benefit their profit margin and inform their management of project issues.  When Brillig Systems is engaged on a project the Brillig project manager is independent of the supplier and is focused on our client – managing the project from our client’s perspective, looking out for our client’s interests and identifying risks to our client’s objectives.

How is Brillig Systems different from a Systems Integrator or Automation System Vendor?

While our project managers are experienced technical professionals, we do not normally provide the technical services for projects.  System integrators and automation system vendors have scores of personnel trained in their particular technology.  What these companies lack are personnel skilled in project management combined with knowledge of the technology and industry.   Our project managers have a variety of experience working with service providers as well as working as the owner’s representative.  This experience allows us to understand the perspectives of all of the project contributors. Our project managers can also translate the ‘technology speak’ inherent in these complex technologies into business terms that our clients need to make informed decisions.  The Brillig Project Manager can provide:

  • Concept & feasibility studies
  • Project definition and planning
  • Estimating/Scheduling/Resource planning
  • System requirements development
  • Project execution management
  • Project recovery assessment and execution
  • Contract management