The Brillig Difference

Industrial automation and IT delivery projects are difficult. The technology and execution choices are many and clear paths forward are few. System supplier and equipment decisions have to be made before the facility design is mature. Software development durations and costs are hard to predict and worse to control. For more than 20 years Brillig Systems has brought certainty to the delivery of automation projects for clients around the world.

Brillig Systems is a unique provider of Automation Project Management and Engineering services. We work only in our client’s best interest. We are independent of system and supplier influence. Brillig Systems has proven successes in Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Energy, Metals and Microelectronics for some of the world’s leading companies. Our project managers plan and execute fit-for-purpose projects, from inception to delivery, with cost and schedule certainty. Brillig Systems’ automation engineering and manufacturing specialists bring subject matter expertise to add strength and depth to your project team.